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#Time lapse


Music provided by Oigovisiones Label (Spain) 



Intimate abstract installation performance with the technical and artistic freedom to create a visual sensations based on light and shadows. Interplay between elements like music, video projections, LED lighting, kinect sensor and movement elements, determined by timeline.


Type: Art Installation 

Year: 2013

City: San Francisco, CA

Exhibition: Merchants Of Reality







Hardware List:

1 -  Northlight 8 Channel, DMX to RC servo controller board.  

      + info

2 -  8 servomotors, 7 HS-422 Deluxe Servo for movements of PAN and TILT and 1 S-148 Parallax Continuous Rotation, and Bracket Assembly.        + info

3 - LED Dimmer Easy DMX LED controller:                                                                                                                                                                             Power input: DC 7V- 24V max 15A / Output: 1A each channel max 15A / Channel: 27 channel 9 group / Controller: DMX512 XRL 3P

    + info controller-dmx-decoder-driver/431020707.html


4 - 6 x 3w RGB led spotlight dc12v, 4wires 3-in-1 LED's, beam angle38                      

    + Info


5 - Power Supply for the LED dimmer and LED light. 12V 15A  180W switching power supply LED strip light transformer.                                                     Input Voltage: AC110V-230V  Output Voltage: 12V Power:180W                                                                                                                                  + info

7Sensor Microsoft Kinect

+ info

6 - DMX512 interfaces, I used ENTECC DMXUSB PRO

+ info

- Packing paper, came as packaging for the servomotors

10 - Conectors XLR and more than 70 meters (230 ft) in Cable

- Video projector, conventional 2500 LUM

Software description:

1 - Madmapper for controlling the Servomotors and LED's                                                                                                                                                      + info



- VDMX for precise control of the performance and using the audio input for conducting performance.
+ info



3 - Quartz Composer for creating compositions that are used to control the servomotors, LED's and to apply on tracking surfaces.

+ info


4 -  GAmuza for Kinect infrared display, use this video as mask as input for QTZ compositions.                                                                                    + info



5-  Vezér for timeline and control VDMX.

+ info


* Some more photos of the whole process

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