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In 2008, a new project called Las Flores No Lloran (Flowers Don´t Cry) was created by Paloma Peñarrubia.  A whole year of creation and research allowed her to first stage what would turn out to be her first album, Prescription Not to Fade Out.  Paloma composed the music, Azael created the visual and lighting artwork, and Eva performed live.  The three of them  shared their knowledge and interests in the piece.  A whole combitation of art disciplines that would turn their first shows into an alchemy of sensations and experiences full of sensitivity and ghostly spaces.


Synth-Ecstesy is the new work, what it started being just a new concept of show has grow with this project to become an itinerat A/V company.  Where Paloma and Azael are responsible for its creation, produccion and both art and technical direction.                 

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