A collaboration piece showcasing the audio visual world created by artist Azael Ferrer. The 10 foot by 4.5 foot kaleidoscope constructed by Lukas Whatwhat and James Morales inspired Azael to create the audio visual journey into the infinite. Spectators become part of the installation by steeping into the kaleidescape.



First Released at: 


- NightLife, at the, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA / June 2014


- Supernatural Factory, Oakland, CA / July 2014


SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) and the Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA / November 2014



Type: Video Light Art Installation 
Year: 2014
City: San Francisco, CA

Special thanks: 

Ricardo Lopez (Music)       Betty Bigas (Curator)       


Babeland gallery (Support)       Hanna Quevedo (Photographer)       Allen Myers (Film)        Spaz (Support)      


       Merchants Of Reality (Support)                  


















1- Vezér for timeline installation and control VDMX.

+ info http://www.vezerapp.hu/


2- VDMX for precise control of the performance and using the audio input for conducting performance.  

+ info http://vidvox.net/


3- Madmapper for video Mapping and Led´s Mapping, using syphon and mad_doubler, we sending one video mapping to the output screeen, and the other video mapping to processing for control the led stripe.                                                                                                          

+ info http://www.madmapper.com/


4- Processing with Pixel Pusher for control the Led´s stripe

+ info http://processing.org/   http://www.heroicrobotics.com/


5- Quartz Composer for creating compositions that are used to the installation.

+ info http://quartzcomposer.com/