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BROMO / The new audio-visual formats open an immeasurable field for communication. Digital art and electronic music are a direct consequence of the evolution of technology and its multiple uses. Today generative art is used beyond an artistic experience. The possibility of creating a speech accompanied by media such as music, sound documents, texts or images, facilitates the possibility of creating our own language.

NO SIGNAL / intends to show the main facts of study of the large International Aerospace Agencies. Progress, setbacks and possible consequences of these expensive goals. Why not invest in recovering our own home in place of conquering others? Is interstellar travel the solution for humanity?

To talk about space is to talk about the human condition. We aim to créate a reflection of society, the main problems that disrupt the system, the engine that moves the great forces, or that of ourselves.

BROMO was born from the need to transmit a message through a seemingly abstract discourse. A scenic audio-visual digital art project under the codes of documentary cinema that has already made its way into digital art and electronic music festivals such as LEV Festival (Madrid), Eufonic (Delta del Ebro), Keroxen Festival (Tenerife), Madatac X (Madrid), Numa Circuit (since its first album Traces of Erosión) Tenerife), Medialab Prado (Madrid), Telenoika (Barcelona) and even within film festivals such as MAF (Málaga de Festival) or Seminci (Valladolid) as a Transmedia project. Its staging of a vindictive and direct nature, of strong sounds and complex structures loaded with images designed to move and capture the viewer formalize this project as one of the great bets of the Spanish circuit.

Bromo Maf Festival
Maf Festival
Maf Festival

So Traces of Erosion is a migratory journey in music and concept. One part 90s sci fi electronica, IDM, itssynthetic textures wrapped by organic piano and string arrangements,surrounded by dark atmospheres and drones. Another part desolate landscapes, dissecting the elements of an unforseeable future, making hopeful spaces that rise and fall under our feet.


BROMO’s first single “0.0”, gives a general overview activating alarm signals, while a speech warns of a future that is already present; “Territory War” launches a big question: Are we part of an unequal interspecies struggle or a plague?  “Rebirth” has the answer, and the solution is us: clear our own footprint.

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