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Merchants Of Reality, San Francisco, CA / 3-7-2015


An audiovisual installation exploring the pre-language. It's between an audiovisual performance and experimental film.


Generative light 3D geometric sculpture, composed of 18 different translucent doble sided mirrors, illuminated with 3 videoprojectors and led lights, an array allowing for the experimentation of a range of intricate lighting choreographies. 


Sculpture by Camille Willis. 






Gray Area Foundation, Creative Code Education Showcase, San Francisco, CA / 4-1-2015

SUPERPOSITION (aka 360º Mapping Interactive Installation) conserving the same visuals structure, is transforming in a Interactive Audiovisual InstallationAn array of beams of lights and sound waves interact with the public according the proximity with the piece, creating a full immersive interactive experience. 

Music by Anthony Bisset









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